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Any one looking to go up together from the philly area???  I could use a ride or I can drive with some company, just dont want to drive alone!  if interested just shoot me an email, captroo1@gmail.com


ROOM FOR RENT NJ/philly area
Room for rent in my lovely townhouse.  Upstairs master bedroom plus loft.  Loft is closed in so it is like your own apartment upstairs.  A door at the top of the stairs can be shut for complete privacy.  Other 2 bedrooms downstairs, one is mine and one is used for a small business.  Utilities are split 3 ways (the business pays 1/3, but only 2 people live here.  Beautiful hardwood floors, new carpet and bathroom have been redone.  Very quite a serene area to live in.
Rent is $700 /mo plus utilities.
Any you would have an awesome ROOmate *giggles*
Credit and background check will be done.
If interested just email me (captroo1@gmail.com).  Available  approx 9/1

VOTE FOR ME!!!! I really could use the money!!! Thanks Voting ends tonight!!!
Vote up to 11:59 tonight, last day to vote!  Vote now!  Thakies :)


Fursuit entered in Contest! Please help out an Vote! Thankies!!!
Go here and vote for me!!!  Could really use the money!   Thanks all


Room in the Westin for AC 2011 for Thursday night only
2 spaces available Thursday night only, $50 per person
Contact me at captroo1@gmail.com

To Come Out Or Not, That Is The Question
So, yeah, I am really struggling with this at this point in my life. I am 39 and finally admitted to my self last year I am gay.

I am in the closet at this point due to my medical career and that is mostly why I feel I need to stay in the closet. I touch people for a living and here in the USA people are still over reactive to gay people, so I risk a lot in my career by coming out, by the same token I am not going to tell the hole world, just my closest friends, some who happen to be patients of mine already. I don't expect that its going to spread around the community like wildfire, so don't think it will affect my career. It could, all it takes is one nut!

I am not ready to tell my family yet, although I am sure they already suspect it. My dad is a total ass, like Archie Bunker. He will send out a mass email to everyone in the world saying "I knew it, he is a fag." He will never let it go, I get enough ridicule as it is, not sure I really need that on top.

Right now I have no one to lean on for support that is close by. My plan is to go on vacation to my friends who are gay and I know they will help me. I plan to send and email out to some of my close friends and go from there.

That is the plan, just not sure I can do it. I feel like I should just do it and be done with it, I am gay and that's that.

It is a big weight to lift off my shoulders, but I am sure it creates other problems in life as well.
Nothing is easy. It seems like it will be so liberating....

Just thought I could get some advice from those of you who have been through this.


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